We Believe the Future Belongs to the Curious™.

Baby Einstein™ inspires curiosity within parents and equips them with the tools to create an environment of curiosity for their children.

The Einstein Way™

We use “The Einstein Way” learning philosophy, backed by science and built from the best childhood development research, to inform everything we do.

Our Roots

Discover the origins of Baby Einstein™ from its start in 1996 to present day.

The Tools We Use to Inspire Curiosity

Toys & Gear

From activity centers to soothers, we design open-ended, multi-sensory experiences to support cognitive development, creative thinking skills, and cultural appreciation.

Video & Music

Stream Baby Einstein™ video to discover new favorite storylines & characters (and rediscover the classics!) Then take music on-the-go with curated playlists.


Words, illustrations, and real-world imagery come together to introduce fundamentals, as well as early conversations around topics like kindness and compassion.

puzzle for young children

Kid-friendly activities to spark curiosity at home

children's book

Rock out with our Together in Tune™ connected instruments!

Share Your Discoveries with Baby Einstein™

Follow along as we provide tips & inspiration to equip parents in their role as #BabysFirstTeacher

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