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Our Roots

Baby Einstein was founded in 1996 by mother and former teacher Julie Aigner-Clark at her home in Georgia. Driven by her passion for the arts, she wanted a way to introduce the fundamentals of music, language, poetry, colors, shapes, and more to young children. The original video she created – featuring puppets and the scores of classical composers – won the 1997 Parenting Magazine award for Best Video of the Year, and the series that followed has become synonymous with the Baby Einstein name.

Decades later, we’ve kept Aigner-Clarks’s original vision at the center of everything we do. Baby Einstein started as a teaching tool for parents, and we continue to believe that parents are their baby’s first teachers.

Where Are We Today

In short, everywhere. Our classic videos are now streamed in more than 50 countries worldwide, and we’ve expanded into new “edutainment” for growing children. From story time to playtime, we design toys, gear, tech, books, and more. Our mission is to create a 360° environment of curiosity where children feel confident asking questions, and parents are empowered to teach them the answers.

Baby Einstein has partnered with childhood development experts to develop our very own learning philosophy. Inspired by STEAM principles and Montessori methodology, and supported by cognitive science, “The Einstein Way” drives all the content we develop and products we design.

Share Your Discoveries with Baby Einstein™

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