We look out for our
family and yours.

Our generous benefits include competitive pay benchmarked against the highest industry standards, professional development opportunities, and fun activities throughout the year (think of these as life insurance for your kid-at-heart).

Kids2 Benefits

As an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of families, we provide a parent-friendly culture that understands and celebrates the parenting journey.

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Global Benefits

We believe that our global benefits should allow team members to be healthy, take care of their families and create a stable financial future.

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Creative Environment

We encourage all our employees to be the CEO of their own area of expertise. Use your personality and creativity to bring solutions to life, and give your honest and open input to make the company better.

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Rewards and Recognition

We know that every individual success leads to the benefit of all. Be rewarded for your dedicated efforts through company-wide awards and other types of recognition including your tiny wins.

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Learning and Development

We support growth and development with internal learning programs for team members at every level. Enjoy the advantage of our many opportunities for learning and leadership development.

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Employee Discounts

Shop any of our Kids2 products at a hefty discount.

Available Careers

See what positions we’re currently hiring for globally.