Dive Deep Into Discovery

All aboard to explore! Baby Einstein™ Ocean Explorers™ is an all-new, 10-episode animated series that takes young viewers on an incredible sea adventure. From discovering the fascinating flora and fauna of the deep to exploring the secrets of the shoreline, children will delight in joining the SS Curiosity crew to sing, dance, and discover in each 5-minute, STEAM-focused episode. Created in partnership with child development experts, each episode engages young viewers and reinforces early learning skills through repetition and interactivity as they journey from sea floor to the shore.

Cal from Baby Einstein Ocean Explorers


Every crew needs a captain, and with Cal at the helm of the SS Curiosity, the Ocean Explorers crew sets sail for discovery! Whether meeting new friends or exploring the ocean’s ecosystem, this caterpillar always lets his curiosity lead the way.

Neptune from Baby Einstein Ocean Explorers


As a sea turtle, Neptune knows the ocean is turtle-y awesome, and enjoys helping others learn all about his world! From discovering how baby sea turtles hatch to exploring ocean opposites, Neptune demonstrates just
how rewarding curiosity can be!

Opus from Baby Einstein Ocean Explorers


Whether teaching his friends about his clever camouflage skills or introducing the crew to his fellow ocean creatures, Opus the Octopus loves lending a tentacle (or 8!) to help others better understand the ocean’s mysteries.

dean from baby einstein ocean explorers


A dog with a nose for discovery, Dean is always ready for new adventures. Whether he’s designing a sandcastle or driving his dune buggy to meet new friends, Dean loves to follow his nose to learn something new.

zen from baby einstein ocean explorers


What’s black, white, and always ready to explore? Zen! Whether she’s counting whales or piloting a seaplane to get a better view of the ocean, this inquisitive zebra’s adventurous spirit and creative outlook inspires the crew to learn something new.

tinker baby einstein ocean explorers


A tiger who earns her stripes through innovation, Tinker solves problems through engineering. As a submarine pilot, Tinker leads the crew to the ocean’s depths to discover new animals, learn more about sea life, and simply to explore!

baby einstein ocean explorers

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