At SwaddleMe by Ingenuity™, we know that when baby sleeps better, you sleep better – and we’re here to help you get there. That’s why we are delivering healthy sleep solutions that help babies rest easy from the start. We design simple products that encourage families to be well-informed and well-rested. From the first night through the first year and everything in between – you got this.

Why swaddle?

For the first few months of your baby’s life, they may experience a startle reflex similar to a falling sensation that causes their arms or legs to jolt. Swaddling recreates the snug feeling of the womb and helps prevent the startle reflex by restricting movement. This leads to waking less and longer stretches of sleep.

Stages of Healthy Sleep

Our stages are based on baby’s development, taking them from womb to room during their first year of sleep.

father looking at baby with a swaddle

Stage 1: Arms-In
0-3 Months

Compression and wrap swaddling with both arms in. Use until baby is showing signs of being ready to roll over.

baby wrapped in a swaddle

Stage 2: Transition
3-9 Months

Compression and wrap swaddling that starts with the womb-like coziness of both arms in, and transitions to one or both arms out.

grandmother holding a baby in a swaddle

Stage 3: Arms-Out
6-12 Months

Relaxed-fit wearable blanket keeps babies and toddlers warm and safe.

More Healthy Sleep Solutions

Go beyond swaddling with our line of nursery essentials, developed by a team of sleep experts. From soothers to bassinets, our snooze-worthy solutions help take the guesswork out of getting a great night’s sleep for both you and baby.

SwaddleMe by Ingenuity™ Beginnings Bassinet Select

Keep your baby close and comfortable with the SwaddleMe by Ingenuity Beginnings Bassinet Select. This multi position sleep solution comes ready to use, no assembly required – perfect for new (and sleep-deprived) parents. A uniquely-designed mattress allows for easy airflow, plus mesh side panels help you keep an eye on your little one during their earliest days. It’s the ultimate space saving piece of baby gear, featuring a standing compact fold that makes it perfect for use at home or on the go.

SwaddleMe by Ingenuity™ Soothe & Vibe

Designed to help lull your little one peacefully to sleep both at home and on the go, the SwaddleMe by Ingenuity Soothe & Vibe is a portable sound machine that offers five soothing lullabies and sounds, along with a two speed vibration feature that mimics the sound of your heartbeat for the ultimate calming comfort. An LED light emanates a soft glow from the center of the Soothe & Vibe, making it an essential piece of baby gear you won’t want to leave home without.

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