Baby Dream Machine™ by Ingenuity™

Looking for an all-in-one machine that provides your little one with everything they need for a good night’s sleep? Look no further than the Baby Dream Machine™. This 5-in-1 device helps children sleep better and longer, combining key scientific sleep-inducing functions into one adorable machine. The Baby Dream Machine acts as a night light, soothing red light, sound machine (with pink noise) cool-mist humidifier, and an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Recommended by global sleep experts, the Baby Dream Machine has everything you need to help your child get a good night’s sleep in one convenient device.
  • ADORABLE DESIGN: Compliment any nursery décor with this sweet teddy-bear-shaped machine, designed to resemble your child’s favorite comforting creatures
  • COOL-MIST HUMIDIFIER: The 400mL tank is easy to clean and runs for 12 hours, keeping your child’s room at the optimal 40-60% humidity rate, which helps improve sleep quality.
  • NIGHT LIGHT & RED LIGHT: Use the soft white glow to light the way during your little one’s bedtime routine, while the red light therapy setting encourages melatonin production, helping them fall and stay asleep.
  • SOUND MACHINE: A mix of high and low frequencies proven to be more balanced than white noise, the pink noise sound feature induces more stable, deep sleep while dramatically improving sleep quality
  • AROMATHERAPY: The Baby Dream Machine can be used with essential oils to help soothe and relax your little one. Essential oils that are 100% pure and certified organic by the USDA are recommended

Price & Details
MSRP: 99.99
SKU: RI-2501V3
Dimensions (in): 8.27" (H) x 7.95" (W) x 7.95" (D)
User Age Range (months): 5 - 84 months
Assembly Required: Yes
Batteries: Not Required
Materials: 100% Plastic

Instructions & Care
  • Wipe clean with cotton cloth using water and white vinegar mixture.