Baby's First Art Teacher™ Developmental Toy Kit

Art is an especially crucial area of learning because it assists in developing skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. The Baby’s First Art Teacher™ Developmental Toy Kit from Baby Einstein™ will help you introduce your little one to art in age-appropriate ways. As a gift box, it delivers a delightful unboxing experience with 8+ items inside. Light up baby’s curiosity as you explore color mixing on the Curiosity Kaleidoscope™. Help promote baby’s visual development and self-discovery during tummy time with the Flip for Art™ baby-safe floor activity mirror with high-contrast, take-along flash cards. Baby will love being their own muse! As Baby’s First Teacher, you’ll enjoy taking art lessons on the go with the travel-friendly Shake, Rattle & Soothe™ Teether Link Ring Toy and Bendy Ball™ Rattle Toy. The Music Under the Sea™ Board Book introduces shapes and colors of the sea, and the pages are easy for little hands to turn. In short, this play kit of baby & toddler toys provides support for parents and caregivers who want to help their infants with everything from problem-solving to color recognition skills. And for gift-givers, it’s an impressive gift set to spark curiosity and creativity in your favorite aspiring artists, ages newborn and up. Everything’s gender neutral, so it works as a baby shower gift for a boy or girl—or even special occasions like baby’s first Christmas. Batteries are not included.
  • Extraordinary value and variety inside this boxed play set that helps you introduce your little one to art with best-selling developmental Baby Einstein™ items
  • Includes 8 items: 4 art discovery toys; a board book; downloadable DIY activities; details for streaming Baby Einstein music on Spotify and edutainment videos on YouTube; and exclusive offers for Kinedu and Good Buy Gear
  • Features: Curiosity Kaleidoscope™ Electronic Toy; Shake, Rattle & Soothe™ Teether Link Ring Toy; Flip for Art™ Tummy Time Mirror with Take-Along Cards; Bendy Ball™ Rattle Toy; and Music Under the Sea™ Board Book
  • Mixing colors with the Curiosity Kaleidoscope™ encourages creativity; high-contrast patterns and bright colors aid in vision development; and Shake, Rattle & Soothe™ links promote shape and color discovery
  • A ready-to-go boxed gift for new parents of little ones ages newborn and up; each item is wipeable for easy cleaning. Teether Link Toy and Bendy Ball are BPA-free.

Price & Details
MSRP: 44.99
SKU: 12794
Dimensions (in):
User Age Range (months): 0 - 36 months
Assembly Required: No
Materials: 60% Plastic, 30% Fabric, 10% Wood

Instructions & Care