Presenting Together in Tune™ by Baby Einstein™

Simple Steps to Connect and Play

1. Press the “Connect” button on the instruments you want to sync

2. Instruments automatically sync using radio waves

3. Music from each instrument will now play through all connected instruments

Together in Tune™ by Baby Einstein™

The Together in Tune™ Connected Magic Touch™ instrument collection remixes classic wood with modern tech to bring families a new musical experience. Babies can play as solo-artists or as a band, experimenting together as they go.

4 Creative Modes

Band Mode

Cue the magic! Instruments link via radiowaves, so music played on one instrument comes through the speakers of all.

Performer Mode

Songs are coming together! When baby presses a single key, the instrument plays other notes to create a melody automatically.

Playful Mode

What’s creativity without fun? Every key activates silly noises, animal sounds, and favorite songs like “Old McDonald".

Discovery Mode

Think of this as “freestyle.” Baby can explore individual notes while enjoying open-ended play.

Igniting Curiosity with Music

1. Musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain development

2. Music ignites all areas of child development & skills for school readiness

3. It helps the body and mind work together

4. Encourages Language development

About Baby Einstein

We believe the future belongs to the curious. Baby Einstein helps parents cultivate curiosity through experiences of shared discovery and creativity. Why? Because curiosity motivates us to learn and adapt. It compels us to be open to possibility and confident in our skills. Curiosity is essential for succeeding in our ever-changing world and creating a better one.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
– Albert Einstein